Taso Larimar


Extraordinary Jewelry Designs Handcrafted from one of the rarest Gemstones in the world

Taso (Anastasios Haidemenakis) was born in Chania, Crete but grew up abroad, mostly in Honolulu, Hawaii.
He currently resides in Chania or in Bali, Indonesia, where his inspirations are created by hand using exquisite silversmith traditional techniques.

He uses various semiprecious stones in his designs, his favorite is the rare Larimar which he discovered while living in Santo Domingo.
His collection “Meninas del Mar” was exhibited at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, at the Museum of Modern Art & at the Palace of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic & in Greece at the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Akropolis, Athens, Taso’s jewelry & art is owned by private collectors all over the world.

His Larimar jewelry has been gifted to royalty (the Queen of Spain), heads of state (President of USA, President of Argentina), designers
(Jean-Paul Gaultier), international diplomats & celebrities.

LARIMAR, the gem of the Caribbean

Larimar is an extremely rare gemstone mined only in a small mountainous region of the Dominican Republic. It is named after the discoverer’s daughter LARissa & MAR, the Spanish word for the sea, due to its extraordinary blue color similar to the tropical ocean. This volcanic stone, identified as Blue Pectolite, presents due to its composite chemical formation a great variability in color
& pattern, Every piece of Larimar jewelry is truly I-ot-a-kind.