Mika Grivaki


At Mika Grivaki we act with respect to quality and always hold our customers in great regard. Our childhood memories of colors and shapes are combined with our modern perspective and the trends of fashion, creating a feast of beauty for every woman’s hands, neck and ears.

Ensuring the quality of the raw materials used and certifying that the process of creating each and every of our jewelry is carried out with great amounts of care and attention, we can guarantee for the flawlessness of our products. We can provide you with a large variety of solely handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings that are produced in Greece.

The wide variety of our unique jewelry can be seen on our website, along with their prices. Our website is considered functional and user friendly and customers can have a general idea of our jewelry and choose easier which design matches their style and preferences. We invite you to explore our collections and will be more than happy to assist you should any questions arise.