Reninda’s Art


ΡΕΝΙΝΤΑ / Reninda*’**s *Art

The art workshop “Reninda’s Art” creates from 2008 original created objective elements with every detail and appearance, to create the different by differentiating and taking off its individual.
The creations are inspired by the Greek culture and live by the “olive”, as sincerity, victory, Olympic ideas, wisdom and euphoria. In the comments, the sun and the sun are projected, and each exhibit “carries” a piece of Greek culture and Greek tradition. For the reason that reflects the colors required in each use the “time”.

Basic results of the creations…., The bronze, the alpaca and the copper that with the processing processes and the backgrounds add to the image of the woman. The Books that seek access (pebble, wood, glass and ceramic) to distinguish-each time the telecast aspect of the antique.